The All County® Property Management Franchise Track Record

All County® has a tremendous track record of success! All County® Property Management franchises have experienced tremendous growth during the past few years. Franchises operating longer than 13 months as of the end of 2012 more than doubled their monthly revenue from January 2012 to January 2013 and then continued to grow annually by 26-29% from January 2013 to January 2015: “The January 2012 average monthly gross revenue . . . was $12,633, which more than doubled to $26,690 for the month of January 2013, increased 26 percent to $33,673 for the month of January 2014, and increased another 29 percent to $43,464 for the month of January 2015.”

For more information about All County® Property Management franchise average earnings, please visit the Research section of this website.

The long-term residential property management industry is one of the most stable and growing industries in the nation. Residential property management is an estimated 48 billion dollar industry. Approximately one-third of all housing in the United States are rentals; that means that over 34 million residences across the country are occupied by renters that need our services. When other industries are experiencing economic slow downs, the property management industry continues to report solid growth. Unlike other real estate sales services, property management offers a long-term residual base — making sure you get paid over and over again every month when the rent is collected. All County® has spent the last two decades refining its systems, from state of the art software to an interactive website. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have made All County® a leader in the industry. The All County® proven business model will enable you to immediately differentiate yourself from the competition and secure your future in the marketplace.

Below we have highlighted some of the benefits you will receive as an All County® Property Management Franchise:

  • A proven business model for success
  • Superior training package
  • Operating assistance
  • State of the art software and website package
  • Comprehensive operations and procedure manuals
  • On-going training and support
  • Low cost/easy start up
  • Industry leader
  • Long term residual base
  • High demand for services
  • Name brand recognition
  • Rapid start up and growth potential

All County® Property Management franchises can become part of the highly rewarding and stimulating property management industry. How about joining us in taking this much-needed service throughout the United States as an All County® Property Management franchise owner?

All County® Property Management franchises provide personalized service to give property owners peace of mind. Years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and industry-leading processes make All County® the name to know for property management solutions. Our property management franchises adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards and are the best-educated in the industry.

All County® offers client-focused property management services, including tenant screening and placement, lease negotiation, maintenance supervision, and lease renewal.

Our property management franchises are rewarded with ongoing revenue based on these property management services and more; however, the primary revenue comes from a percentage of each monthly rent. Tenants will come and go, but your property management contracts will be with you for many years, providing you with great financial rewards.

With over two decades of property management experience and a proven track record in the property management industry, All County® gives you the knowledge and support to achieve your financial and personal goals. You’ll enjoy a rewarding role in managing and protecting your clients’ rental properties.