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Marketing for Property Management Franchisees

Different types of advertising work in different areas. You need to seek out the types of advertising that will most benefit your business by testing different vehicles. You should be able to find all the collateral you will need to market your business through the corporate office of your franchise.

Marketing Plan

You must devote substantial time and energy each week in order to meet your marketing goals.

Marketing is the primary force behind efforts to attract owners and tenants, and significant time and resources should be dedicated to supporting these efforts at the local level.

You are responsible for documenting your marketing efforts by keeping track of the methods, what ad was used, duration, and cost. This information is crucial in monitoring your success with your marketing. In addition, corporate may ask for proof of your local marketing requirement at any time.

Your franchise’s home office should handle the creation and production of marketing materials in order to maintain a consistent advertising look throughout all franchisees.

Of course, as a franchisee, you can always make suggestions to your home office if you have great ideas about strategies, promotions, incentives, or marketing messages.

January 5, 2018

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