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Newspapers and Local Publications: Tools for Marketing Your Property Management Franchise

As a Property Management Franchisee, you must devote substantial time and energy each week in order to meet your marketing goals.

Marketing is the primary force behind efforts to attract owners and tenants, and significant time and resources should be dedicated to supporting these efforts at the local level.

Newspapers and local publications are a great way to connect with members of your community on a local level.

Newspapers and Local Publications

Free community newspapers that are delivered to a mailbox or driveway are often thoroughly scanned by recipients, as are small community newsletters. Both options are relatively inexpensive compared to large metropolitan papers, which are usually cost prohibitive.

Local publications that are regional are also a good choice. These papers have a larger geographic reach than the free community newspapers. These papers often also have a web presence with listings for rental properties, which are often used as a resource for potential tenants.

For newspapers, we recommend the Classified Real Estate section, specifically unfurnished, long-term rentals.

We recommend that your ad run on Sunday only, unless the paper is a weekly or monthly publication.

All advertising should include your property management franchise logo, your business name, phone number, and web address. Some states require that your real estate license number also be included on all advertising.

Ads must not contain any false or misleading statements.

You must use direct mail to advertise to property owners, lenders, insurance companies, and real estate agents.

January 5, 2018

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