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[St. Petersburg, Fla., August 6, 2018] All County Franchise, a property management service provider offering leasing, tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance services for residential rental properties, is celebrating the opening of its 50th location this month.

All County was started by Sandy Ferrera back in 1990, as a single mother raising two boys. 18 years later, All County began franchising in 2008. Growing multi-directionally, Ferrera has presided over the rise of a nation-wide property management service provider, now staffed by a team of over 90 franchise operators, and hundreds of office staff.

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Would you spend the last of your money to buy a franchise?

Business is a tricky thing… you really have to marry your business if you want it to thrive.

But would you spend the last of your money on starting a franchise business? And would you do it during a recession?

That is what one of All County’s Franchisees did right after the housing crash in 2008.

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They don’t let just anyone buy a Franchise…

Not just anyone is allowed to buy a franchise…

Applicants are screened and evaluated by the corporate office to decide if the individual would be a good fit for the business.

The application process can take 30 to 60 days and requires you to fill out multiple forms and have in-person interviews before you are even given the opportunity to invest in the franchise.

For All County Franchise this process is pretty extensive in order to ensure that franchises are only awarded to those with the greatest potential to succeed… and not everyone makes the cut.

This is what almost happened to one of All County’s franchisees…

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What can you expect from the franchise lifestyle?

What can you expect from the franchise lifestyle?

Well it really depends on what kind of lifestyle you want.

If you are stuck in corporate america working for the man, then you probably want the flexibility to spend more time with your friends and family.

Lots of franchise owners get into the business for reasons similar to this, and if this is something you are interested then I encourage you to watch the video below.

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Is an All County Franchise a good investment for Real Estate Investors and Rental Property Owners?

Is an All County Franchise a good investment for Real Estate Investor?

It is hard to give you a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but if you understand the business model of property management I think you may start to lean more towards ‘yes!’.

If you own your own rental properties then you know the benefits of having an asset that makes money for you in the background.

The problem is that anybody can manage 10 rental properties, but once you get past 10 – well managing 100 gets a little bit more difficult.

But then you get into doing property management as a business and you say, “Okay, if I manage a 100 rental properties I can get X. I don’t have the real estate taxes, I don’t have the insurance. I don’t have the maintenance and upkeep. Now, if I manage a 1,000 of those properties my X becomes an XYZ, it’s a grand slam.”

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