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The 2nd Most Expensive Home in Florida

Rendering of Le Palais Royal once it is complete
Located on a stretch of beach known by locals as “Millionaires Mile”.  (Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)


In 2014, Florida’s Le Palais Royal, a 60,000-square-foot mansion with 465 feet of oceanfront land, was listed for $139 million. At the time, it was the most expensive house in the United States.


In 2015, the listing was updated, asking for $159 million. This French-inspired luxury real-estate in Hillboro Beach, not far from Ft. Lauderdale, has since been surpassed by a 82,000-square-foot mansion in the Boca Raton area, listed at $165 million.


The $159 million price for the mega mansion, Le Palais Royal, included the cost of new additions on a lot adjacent to the property, which the listing refers to as “phase two” of the construction. Phase Two includes some awesome features like a go-kart track, a nightclub, bowling alley, and even an underground party zone with an ice-skating rink!


It is currently owned by construction mogul Robert Pereira, who had originally planned to live in the residence, but changed his mind, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Le Palais Royal Definitely Is Not Your Typical Mega-Mansion.

not your typical mega mansion
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)


According to, there are three master suites and a presidential suite, each with its own Jacuzzi in a windowed circular rotunda (the presidential suite also has a private plunge pool). Outside, there is a 4,500-square-foot infinity pool with salt, chlorine and UV filtering as well as an LED-lit, double-loop waterslide. Suspended above the pool is a glass-bottomed Jacuzzi.


“The property has taken so long to be completed because they kept improving the quality and continue to raise the bar at each construction milestone. It’s being built like a crown jewel,” says listing agent Mayi De La Vega of One Sotheby’s International Realty.

Instead, it’s a 60,000-square-foot, 4-acre compound along 465 feet of oceanfront in Hillsboro Beach, Florida. This particular stretch of beachfront housing is known by locals as “Millionaires Mile.”

Locals refer to this strip of beachfront as "Millionaires Mile"
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

Construction on the main home finished in 2015. It sat on the market as an unfinished project for a year.

The Main Entrance Door of the Property
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

The increased cost of the property can be attributed to the addition of “phase two” on an adjacent property to the west.

Phase One of the Property is Complete and Phase Two is taking a while to finish construction
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

An Architect’s Rendering of The Underground “Lair”. When completed, it will 2 guest houses, a pool, and ice-skating rink, and a go-kart track.

An Architect's Rendering of The Underground "Lair"
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

The Home features the world’s first in-home IMAX Home Theater.

The Home features the world's first in-home iMax Theater.
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

Marble was imported from South Africa to make this $2 milllion dollar staircase, which took two years to construct.

Marble was imported from South Africa to make this $2 milllion dollar staircase.
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

Some of the Chandeliers are new while some are dated. One being over 20 years old and came from Austria.

Some of the Chandeliers are new while some are dated. One being over 20 years old and came from Austria.
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

The home’s South African marble floors were insulated specifically so the clacking of high heels will be muted.

According to the listing, the marble used in the home was specially designed to reduce to noise of solid-bottom shoes and high-heels.
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

Surrounding the TV in the family room is a 1,300-gallon “Living Color” aquarium.

The TV in the family room is surrounded by a 1,300 gallon "Living Color" aquarium by the world renown maker of custom fish takes.
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

The kitchen cabinets were completely custom-made with solid mahogany from La Cornue Grand Palais.

The Kitchen Cabinets are custom made from solid mahogany sourced from
(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

Over $3 million in 22-karat gold leaf is featured throughout the home.

(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

There are three separate master-suite bedrooms in the home, each with their own Jacuzzi. There are 11 bedrooms in total.

(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

The marble shower has both a seat and a rainfall showerhead.

(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

There’s a putting green outside, as well as a dock big enough to hold a 200-foot yacht. Six water features surround the property, including a 24-foot fountain, a 4,500-square-foot infinity pool, and an adjoining 12-foot waterfall.

(Photo Credit: Bryan Nieblas)

This article was based off of an article about Le Palais Royal originally posted on

January 5, 2018

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