Sandy Ferrera and Scott McPherson, All County Property Management's founders, host the All County Property Management franchise Meet The Team Days.  After sending in the Franchise Application and speaking with our property management franchise owners, you will be able to schedule your visit to our headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, near Tampa. You will normally be able to meet one-on-one for half the day with Sandy, Scott, and our other All County® franchise support staff. You will also be able to tour one of our property management offices.

The Meet the Team Day will typically begin at 10:00AM, and lunch will be provided.  Outgoing flights should be scheduled after 6:00PM in order to allow you to stay for the full Meet the Team Day. If your travel plans allow, we prefer to take you out to dinner the evening before the Meet the Team Day or after the Meet the Team Day has been concluded.

If you have any questions regarding registering for the Meet the Team Day or regarding the All County Property Management franchise opportunity, please call the Franchise Development Department at 855-245-RENT.

All County Property Management Franchise Headquarters
5922 9th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710