Kim had no property management experience nor franchising experience prior to joining the All-County family. But this former school teacher is proving that a willingness to learn and implement new knowledge can lead to success.

Kim was a school teacher for 9 years, teaching 3rd and 4th grade before finding All-County. Before that, she did property management in a corporate environment for 18 years. Kim and her husband decided they wanted to run their own property management business after considering long-term solutions for financial growth.

Even though Kim was coming into the business without any prior sales experience, she decided to take charge and open up her franchise with the faith and confidence that she would make it work. As a woman with strong religious values, she felt that the All-County ethics lined up with her personal ethics and that Scott and Sandy genuinely cared about helping her succeed.

With All County Group being open for over 3 years, Kim is a well-established business in the local area and is the preferred vendor of her investment club. A deep love of learning and continued growth has afforded her an opportunity to build a family business she is proud of.