“I was getting ready to retire from the fire department after 24 years. I was a lieutenant for the last 10 years of my career and was looking for something to do. Something that would make me happy. I didn’t want to work at home depot, I didn’t want to do a desk job, I wanted to do something that was challenging and something I enjoyed. The big thing for me is doing something I enjoy. If I’m not happy doing what I’m doing, no matter how much money I’m making, it’s not good. When I was looking through franchises and looking for businesses I contacted Scott and Patrick. I had a long term relationship with all county as an owner so I knew a little bit about the company. After speaking with Scott, Sandy, Patrick, and my wife we decided this would be a perfect fit for us.

The big thing with All County was that I knew a lot about the company through Scott and Sandy and my relationship with them. As an owner when I was looking for a property management company… Scott and Sandy, I met with them several times. I liked the structure of their company. I liked the charges behind it. The big thing for me was the professionalism. I knew Scott and Sandy for years and years and I knew they had a formula that worked. I knew that I would get the support that I would need along the way. I liked the independence of owning my own office, being able to control a lot of what I want to do as far as setting it up and working through it.”