“I was looking for something I could do outside of law enforcement. My prior career was law enforcement as a New York State Trooper for 25 years. I was looking to continue working outside of law enforcement, and I was looking around for different franchise opportunities. The way that I was brought in when I did meet the team, it felt more like a family. It felt like they were really there to help. It wasn’t just ‘you’re in a franchise now, you’re on your own, now go fly.’

I thought it was in a family atmosphere where it was small enough. Where they care about you, and they’re not leaving you there to fly alone, but big enough where the name was carrying itself also to help you out in growing your business. They’ve changed my life letting me know that I can do something outside of law enforcement. Where I didn’t have to work 50 years inside of law enforcement, walking out with a cane. They gave the tools, showed me how to do it. And I can get out there, meet people, and problem solve – which I really like doing.”