Franchising is a great option for those looking to start their own property management business. Going the franchise route provides security of the training and proven systems of the franchisor to rely on. It makes sense that franchises have a higher success rate than starting a business from scratch, but starting a franchise business still has its risks.


A proven system. When buying a franchise you get access to a proven system and business model. Most Franchises boast decades of experience and success in the industry.

Training and support. Many people realize that starting a new business is no small endeavor. A good franchise provides you with superior training and ongoing support, giving even the most experienced business owners a greater chance for success.

Name recognition. When you buy a property management franchise you tap into an already established brand. People are more apt to trust a brand that is established, recognizable, and has a good track record.

Networking. On top of being able to get support from the franchisor, you get access to an entire network of franchisees just like you to learn from and grow with.

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This couple makes an awesome pair of franchise owners!

Meet Hon and Su. The married couple that each owns their separate franchise businesses.

While most couples buy a house or a dog, this couple decided to buy a pair of businesses together.

As the lead digital strategist for All County, I got to interview the All County CEO Sandy Ferrera and she told me the story of how her sister and brother-in-law became franchisees.

Even though her sister came into the business kicking and screaming, she ended up being one of the highest yielding franchise locations to date.

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What does a Franchise Owner do Each Month?

What does an All County Franchise owner do each month?

Simple – They rent homes. That is a what a property manager does.

But what are their day-to-day operations like?

Well if you talk to our Franchisees you’ll realize pretty quickly that they didn’t get into the business to be a property manager. They got into the business to be a business owner. They wanted to build their own business to help them build wealth, financial freedom, more lifestyle choices, etc..

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Would a franchise improve your odds of succeeding as a business owner?

What are the benefits of buying a franchise? Does it Help?

Franchising can come with all sorts of ups and downs, but it can be a major asset in helping you achieve your business goals.

The support you get from corporate office, the help from other franchisees, the pre-made marketing materials… All of it combined can be like adding rocket fuel to your business growth.

All County’s lead digital strategist, Brandon Paul, had the opportunity to sit down with the All County CEO Sandy Ferrera to talk about franchise and support. Watch the video below and learn about the benefits of franchising and what All County has to offer.

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A Corporate Business that isn’t soul-sucking?

When you think of ‘property management’ or ‘corporate franchise’ the word family probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Everyone has heard the horror stories involving a poor experience with a property manager that doesn’t seem to care about anyone but themselves… And don’t get me started on the stuck-up, business-suit, spreadsheets & graphs stereotype that comes to mind when you mention the word “corporate”.

But when I asked CEO Sandy Ferrera what she thought about the All County Franchisees, I was in awe of her response.

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