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success stories
the super school teacher

The Super School Teacher

With Sales Grit

Name: Kim Miller | Territory: Ft. Worth, TX | Alias: The Kim Miller

Kim had no property management experience nor franchising experience prior to joining the All County family. But this former school teacher is proving that a willingness to learn and implement new knowledge can lead to success.

Kim was a school teacher for 9 years, teaching 3rd and 4th grade before finding All-County. Before that, she did property management in a corporate environment for 18 years. Kim and her husband decided they wanted to run their own property management business after considering long-term solutions for financial growth.

Even though Kim was coming into the business without any prior sales experience, she decided to take charge and open up her franchise with the faith and confidence that she would make it work. As a woman with strong religious values, she felt that the All-County ethics lined up with her personal ethics and that Scott and Sandy genuinely cared about helping her succeed.

With All County Group being open for years, Kim is a well-established business in the local area and is the preferred vendor of her investment club. A deep love of learning and continued growth has afforded her an opportunity to build a family business she is proud of.

-The Kim Miller: All County® Group

The Power Couple

With A Plan

Socrate and Cassandra Exantus | Territory: Orlando, FL | Alias: "Husband Wife Power Duo"

Socrate and Cassandra were looking for a long-term income strategy, and All County was the right fit.

As a former senior operations manager for Sprint, Socrate entered the property management business with a sense for what it takes to get results by keeping a team going in any situation. When it comes to motivating and empowering the people around him, Socrate raises the bar to lift up everyone's performance and meet increased expectations.

We asked Socrate what he does differently. He made it clear from the start that each All County® office has a chance to be more than just another office in another company. Here is what he had to say:

"As members of our communities, we have a unique opportunity to give back and create value. The exciting thing is that for the CFL and Professional teams, this possibility isn't confined to any one person."

For Socrate's and Cassandra's offices, a property investor isn't just a landlord, the members of the team are more than just their titles, and everyone has the chance to be proactive and involved.

So what sorts of things do Socrate and Cassandra do at their offices? A great example is that when the CFL office hit their 300-400 property milestone. Instead of having a party for themselves, the team had a bigger idea. Instead, the office threw a fundraiser for the local community. By challenging the office to raise funds for charity, in some cases as much as $10,000, Socrate and Cassandra inspired those they lead to think beyond themselves to see the bigger picture.

-Socrate and Cassandra Exantus All County® CFL
the power couple

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