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Benefits of a Stable Industry

All County® Property Management Franchise Corporation is here to help. The creators of All County® Property Management are proud to announce only  a minor decrease in revenues during this pandemic.  All County® Property Management is one of the most advanced residential property management franchise concepts to date. During hard times like a pandemic, a small business may be very hard or even impossible to operate. Most small business owners would never shut their doors, but in the case of COVID-19, it wasn’t their choice.


During the month of March All County Franchisees revenues stayed just where they should be, the following month of April All County saw a minor decrease in revenues nationwide. Now, let’s consider the entrepreneurs that opened a small restaurant downtown or a hair salon. These two businesses offered services that were in demand and generating revenues until they were forced to close.  Unlike All County who provides housing which is a basic need. April (2020) approaches and these business owners have not made any money. Their employees were furloughed, and they expect to return to work soon, most Americans will not have extra money to spend on non-essential items.’


Let’s head back to All County®. This franchise concept is built and backed by over 30 years industry experience. We are not only experts at property management, but also know how to run a successful long term business.  It took some serious efforts to navigate through COVID-19 and find the best practices to keep folks safe and our businesses up and operational.  In addition, we were very proactive and helpful to ensure our tenants and owners had resources available to aid them financially through this difficult time. Our franchisees are continuing to provide the best services possible to our customers across the nation.


If you’re looking to learn how to be a business owner and build a residual based income then All County Property Management might be the solution for you.

April 28, 2020

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