Su Ferrera, Owner | All County® Tampa Bay | Tampa, FL

"One of the reasons I chose a franchise is I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. I knew I wanted to go into business for myself, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a gazillion mistakes and costly mistakes. What the franchise has done for me is it has given me the freedom to run my own business, have my own schedule, and really increase my life by making more money. Because I worked for that corporate world, I didn’t want to do that anymore – making money for someone else. I wanted to make it for me, and that’s one of the greatest parts about being part of a franchise system.
All County® has been there to help me. They’ve helped me grow my business exponentially. You look at I’ve only been in business for 6 years and how much money that I’m putting into my pocket on a monthly basis is really huge. They’ve also been there, just a telephone call away, which is one of the things that I really really like because if I do have those questions the answers are there and they’re quick."

- Hon and Su Ferrera: All County® Tampa Bay

"My wife was working for a property management company. We wanted to do real estate but we weren't sure. So months before we contacted All County we decided we were going to do property management because we believe in where the market was going. We were thinking about just purchasing a century 21 office but we decided we didn't want to have just general sales. We really liked the idea of building residual income."

Socrate and Cassandra Exantus All County® CFL

Terry Worthy, Owner | All County® Premier | Orlando, FL

"I was looking for something I could do outside of law enforcement. My prior career was law enforcement as a New York State Trooper for 25 years. I was looking to continue working outside of law enforcement, and I was looking around for different franchise opportunities. The way that I was brought in when I did meet the team, it felt more like a family. It felt like they were really there to help. It wasn’t just 'you’re in a franchise now, you’re on your own, now go fly.
I thought it was in a family atmosphere where it was small enough. Where they care about you, and they’re not leaving you there to fly alone, but big enough where the name was carrying itself also to help you out in growing your business.They’ve changed my life letting me know that i can do something outside of law enforcement. Where i didn’t have to work 50 years inside of law enforcement, walking out with a cane. They gave the tools, showed me how to do it. And I can get out there, meet people, and problem solve – which I really like doing."

-Terry Worthy: All County® Premier

"The challenge was I had never really been a business owner before. After meeting with Scott and Hon, and eventually Sandy, I felt that they could give me the training and support that I needed in order to be successful. I had a better chance for success if I had someone to kind of guide me."

George Johnson: All County® Cumberland, Atlanta, GA

Mike Ovitt, Owner | All County® First Choice| Largo, FL

"I was getting ready to retire from the fire department after 24 years. I was a lieutenant for the last 10 years of my career and was looking for something to do. Something that would make me happy. I didn’t want to work at home depot, I didn’t want to do a desk job, I wanted to do something that was challenging and something I enjoyed. The big thing for me is doing something I enjoy. If I’m not happy doing what I’m doing, no matter how much money I’m making, it’s not good. When I was looking through franchises and looking for businesses I contacted Scott and Patrick. I had a long term relationship with all county as an owner so I knew a little bit about the company. After speaking with Scott, Sandy, Patrick, and my wife we decided this would be a perfect fit for us.
The big thing with All County was that I knew a lot about the company through Scott and Sandy and my relationship with them. As an owner when I was looking for a property management company… Scott and Sandy, I met with them several times. I liked the structure of their company. I liked the charges behind it. The big thing for me was the professionalism. I knew Scott and Sandy for years and years and I knew they had a formula that worked. I knew that I would get the support that I would need along the way. I liked the independence of owning my own office, being able to control a lot of what I want to do as far as setting it up and working through it."

-Mike Ovitt: All County® First Choice