9 Reasons to Start A Property Management Franchise

With a staff that offers thirty years of experience in the property management arena, the All County® Property Management Franchise opportunity is one that allows franchisees to work under the umbrella of a well-established firm – one that is licensed, insured, and an established leader in the property management industry.

By becoming an All County® franchisee you will have the confidence and ability to own your own business without being out there all by yourself. You will be backed by one of the strongest teams in the industry enabling you to differentiate yourself from the competition. We are committed to setting the highest standards in property management and to the success of our franchisees.

1) Strong no matter the economy

Housing is a basic need and our particular role in the housing market means that we are always in demand. Property management is one of the few industries that is strong and stable no matter what the economy is doing.

2) Proven business model for success

For over 25 years All County® has been refining its systems from state-of-the-art software to our interactive website. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have made us an industry leader. We have taken out the steep learning curves. As an All County® franchisee you will immediately differentiate yourself from the competition.

3) Superior training and support

No experience is necessary. Before opening, you will receive four intense days of training at our corporate headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. Upon opening, we will give you two days of additional training at your location. But the training and support does not end there! Ongoing training and support will be provided year-round as needed to ensure your success.

4) Strategic sales and marketing support

We support our franchisees with a comprehensive marketing plan tailored for their specific territory. It begins with strong public relations and building long-term relationships. Focusing on Internet advertising, business-to-business networking, advertising in key places, and direct mail and e-mail campaigns are just some of the highlights that give our franchisees the competitive edge.

5) Low startup costs

The start-up costs of an All County® Property Management franchise do not include costly build-outs, expensive inventory to purchase or extensive staffing issues. This means less initial financial stress when starting your business.

6) Flexible lifestyle

With an All County® franchise you can enjoy the great lifestyle that property management can bring to you. You will not have to endure the long retail hours that are associated with many other opportunities. Owning an All County® franchise means that you have the flexibility to enjoy the fruits of your labor while building a valuable asset.

7) Unlimited market

The people that depend on our services range from banks and realtors to individual property owners. This means that there’s a wide range of potential clients that need your expertise, putting you in the driver’s seat to reap the rewards of a limitless market.

8) State of the art technology

Along with all that comes with an All County® franchise you will receive a customized interactive website with listing integration and a comprehensive web-based software package to handle every aspect of the business in one easy place. The two combine to put you on the cutting edge of technology available to residential property management companies today. This means there is no limit to your growth potential.

9) The best business you have never heard of

Residential property management. Strong in any economy. Unlimited market. Flexible lifestyle. High demand. Valuable service. Residual income. Low cost. Quick startup.