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Why Parents and Families buy an All County Franchise

Would starting a property franchise business be right for you and your family?

Would starting a property franchise business be right for you and your family?

Well, depending on your goals, it might not be a bad idea…

Many of the All County franchisees invested in the franchise to improve their financial lives, and ended up building a business that supports their family. Many of the franchisees even get their kids and spouses involved in running the business.

The All County CEO, Sandy Ferrera, started her business to support raising her two boys, and has since built a thriving company with over 50 offices nationwide.

Watch the video below to learn how an All County franchise may help you support you and your family like it helped Sandy.

Watch the video and check out the transcript below.

And if you want to know more about the All County Franchise Opportunity then I encourage you to download the All County Brochure. It is a good place to start.

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Video Transcript:

Sandy Ferrera:

When I started this business I was raising my two boys on my own. I’m a unique individual, I had sole custody and never received a dime of support from their father. And neither one of them ever even met their father until my youngest was 18 years of age, ironically.

So obviously being able to support my family was important, but so was my time. I didn’t want to miss those first steps. I didn’t want to miss that first school play or when they got their reward for good grades or the soccer tournament. I wanted to be there for all of that. And at that time my family did not live in the state so I was the only one here.

And property management really afforded me the flexibility to have all the things that I wanted. In the early days it was tough when I was building the business but, fortunately, I stuck with it and well, the rest is history.

Brandon (Behind Camera):

And now we have 50 offices across the nation.

Sandy Ferrera:

So today we have 50 locations, I think we’re in 14 or 15 states. I have met most all the franchisees’ children, some grandchildren. And when we get together it’s more like a family reunion than it is a conference. One of our favorite events is the Leadership Retreat. I’m trying to schedule that for this year now and I’m thinking about putting us in a big hotel or house where we can all be together, just the group of us, no other folks staying. It’s a lot of fun.

So hopefully another 10 years from now we will have doubled or tripled in size and those personal connections and relationships will still be there and we will have made new ones.

June 7, 2018

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